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Our Story

Growing up in India eating fresh fruit and vegetables was an everyday routine, and quite honestly just like any other kid - I was not a big fan!

But when we moved to the US and I became an adult, I realized the importance of eating fresh and Healthy. We all have very busy lifestyles and everyone is trying to live their own version of The American dream! In between all of the catching up with the deadlines of the corporate world to taking care of our loved ones, we often forget to take care of ourselves.

The true foundation of Purna Tatva comes from us as a family trying to eat somewhat healthy. It began with my daughters lunch and her love for strawberries, I would always give her a few for lunch. She would sometimes come home and share with me how the strawberries were kind of "slimy and stinky" a little in her lunch box. 

One day my husband bought these Ayurveda books and he started reading them! He would always share amazing facts he learned about regular food and spices that we eat every day and how they are not just spices but actually contain so many medicinal benefits. He one day shared an ancient technique of drying apples, soon I remembered having the same talk with my Nani (Grandma) and I was immediately pulled into the books. As we both read these books we started coming across great ways of preserving fruits and vegetables, without the added preservatives, while keeping the nutritional values!

We tried drying all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and realized we would have to combine ancient ways into our ways today.This is the moment Purna Tatva was born, from this day we made so many different Teas, spice mixes and dehydrated fruits. We knew if Ayurveda can help us get a better lifestyle and eat a little healthier it can help others as well!